Irish Placenames Database

Irish Geography Terminology

Counties: There are 32 counties in Ireland.

Barony: A subdivision of a county. There are 331 Baronies in Ireland. A Barony can cross county lines.

Civil Parishes: There are 2508 of them in Ireland and they also do not follow county lines.

Townlands: There are over 60,000 and some have the same names. Despite their name they may not contain towns. People identified closely with their townland or village and they are often the most specific address available for rural dwellers.

Cities, Towns & Boroughs : Cities contain Boroughs and/or wards. Some towns have several parishes and some parishes have several towns!

Poor Law Unions: Also known as Superintendent Registrar’s Districts, there are 163 unions that are independent to any previously set up division in Ireland. Under the Poor Relief Act of 1838, Ireland was divided into unions in which the local taxable inhabitants were to be financially responsible for all paupers in the area. In 1898 the Poor Law Union was adopted as the basic administrative division in place of the civil parish and barony. Further subdivision into 828 registration districts and 3,751 district electoral divisions followed.

Dispensary District: A subdivision of Poor Unions, later known as Registrar’s District.

Archdioceses: There are four of these that are similar to the provinces.

Diocese: 22 dioceses within the four archdioceses.

Parish: Diocese are subdivided into parishes. Civil Parishes and Parishes do NOT always have the same boundaries.

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Making Genealogy Connections

First, let’s get our terminology straight.
What is the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web?

* The Internet is a collection of interconnected computer networks.
* The World Wide Web is a network of interconnected web pages.

What are the main Internet communications tools and how can they help us? They are summarized in the following;
Task Internet Tool
Find Family History Records – World Wide Web
Find unknown relatives – Researcher Web Directories
Communicate with relatives – e-mail
Find people with common interests – e-mail lists, message boards and newsgroups

The Web

With the web, users retrieve web pages from Internet servers. Users control what they get by clicking on links or typing in web addresses. The web pages are displayed by an internet browser such as Internet Explorer.


With e-mail, messages are sent between individuals or groups. The sender controls what is sent and who it is sent to.

More at

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The WorldGenWeb Project

The WorldGenWeb Project at is dedicated to providing genealogical resources! The GenWeb goal is to have every region in the world represented by a website and hosted by researchers who are familiar with the region. The world is divided into countries, province/states/counties etc. each having web sites identifying genealogy resources.

This one link,, provides access to genealogy web sites representing different parts of the world. This is an important source of regional information and often includes links to online databases.

Because the management of GenWeb is distributed to local coordinators, there are great differences between one region and another.

USGenWeb archives search is at
Information comes from Census records, Church records, Marriages records, Maps, Obituaries, Pension Records, and Special Collections.

The WorldGenWeb Digital Library (Archives) at was intended to present actual transcriptions of public domain records on the Internet, but has few records and has not been updated since 2001. The USGenWeb and CanadaGenWeb have active archives web sites.

Further information at

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Genealogical Research and Slovak Translation Service

More at

Genealogical Research and Slovak Translation Service


If you are interested in your family tree, family history, ancestral past, having documents and letters translated or help to locate relatives and family members still living in the Slovak Republic, you have come to the right place. We provide Genealogy Research to trace your family history and upon completion we will send you a completed Ancestral Report containing your Personal Ancestral Chart, Family Group Sheets and Pedigree Charts listing all names and pertinent information on your Ancestors. In addition copies of church records containing baptismal, marriage and death information will also be included in your report. Research is conducted in those former areas of the Austria – Hungarian Empire and Czechoslovakia which are now present day Slovakia. We also provide a translation service to translate documents and letters into English, Slovak or Czech . If you are trying to find distant relatives and family members still living in Slovakia we will use our resources to help find them and put you in touch with them. We will also help you with any correspondence and letter writing that you may wish to do with your new found relatives.

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Family History original sources in all parts of UK and Ireland

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Old-established, reputable firm with access to Family History original sources in all parts of UK and Ireland

We have traced the ancestry of more than seven thousand families from all walks of life. Each case is supervised by one of our team of experienced professionals, and we maintain the highest standards of proof to make sure that your family has been traced accurately.

In recent years, genealogy has been energised by the release of many records online, and a number of new organisations have sprung up offering to search these readily available resources.

The online sources still represent only a fraction of the material available to the experienced genealogist. Local archives hold a wealth of original records, most of which require specific expertise to interpret.

We have access to the full range of records in the UK and Ireland, from medieval times to the present, and we also undertake research in the countries to which ancestors emigrated: North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We offer a choice of fixed-budget research programmes, at the end of which we provide:

·a bound report setting out and analysing the results of research in full detail
·a detailed pedigree chart in calligraphic font
·copies of documents
·a full list of sources
·advice on further research if appropriate and required

A free assessment service is available, online or by post.

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Genealogist researching at the Family History Library

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Accredited Genealogist researching at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City

Heritage Consulting is a professional family history research organization experienced in helping you learn more about your family’s heritage

Professional Family History Research

Don’t have access to the necessary sources? Frustrated by ‘hitting brick walls’ in your research? Don’t have the time or desire to do your own research? WE CAN HELP!

Our professional researchers have extensive experience in locations and languages worldwide, and can often find answers that are frequently hidden from the casual observer.

Family History Consulting

When you spend time and money visiting Salt Lake City to do your own family history research, we have professional consultants available at a modest hourly rate to help you find information sources, translate foreign language documents, and make your precious research time much more rewarding. Don’t just spin your wheels!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer your research questions and to help you in your research challenges. Here you will find answers to a number of questions that we are asked quite regularly. If you have additional questions, please send us an email or letter and we will respond promptly.

To place an order or get questions answered concerning research projects, or the heritage learning library cds, please call

Are you a beginning family historian or have you been “digging for your roots” for years? In either case, you may want to look to a professional genealogist for assistance. The consultants at Heritage Consulting and Services can bring more than 100 years of family history experience to bear on your particular research challenge. From complete, bound research projects destined to become a family heirloom to specific record searches, we can help you in your discovery process. Our professionals are able to deal with foreign languages, difficult-to-read script, and hard-to-find records that may have been stumbling blocks to your efforts. We understand the histories, migrations, governments and record sources available throughout the world.

Our goal is to help you in your research challenges by providing information, helping you understand the information that has been found and showing you the methodologies of genealogy.

Professional research is provided through two methods: Record Searches – A single search comprised of a specific name, record source and time period.
Research projects – Full-scale endeavors which encompass numerous names or a full line.
Both formats are available for most geographical regions around the world.

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Spain & Portugal Genealogical Research

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Spain & Portugal Genealogical Research conducted primarily at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Accredited Genealogist with 20 years experience. Will research Parish and or Civil Registers, and any other source of genealogical information, like military records, etc. Translations of documents are also available. Research on location in Spain can be done by arrangement.

* Translations: Translation of documents from Spanish or Portuguese to English. Any type of documents, letter, certificate, military record, town description, etc.

* Family History: No genalogy is complete without historical and place facts that will make the whole a family treasure for generations.

* Coat of Arms: These emblems are a very special symbol of the nobility and origin of a lineage in Spain. Once the place of origin of the surname is known, the associated Coat of Arms may be identified.

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